Sawyer's First Day of Kindergarten

We had our first, first day of school! Sawyer led the way, as he is prone to do, Elouise and Jeff and even Nana and I trailing along behind.

Before he started off on a grand new adventure, we threw him an "everything you" party. Our first annual back to school dinner. Featured were some of Sawyer's top summer favorites: shrimp, bratwurst, corn, watermelon, strawberry shortcake and sparkling sodas. We sang "Swinging on a Star" (Bing Crosby has my favorite version) to augment our little star theme for our Star. Then we took a wise man approach to gift presentations, with presents coming from even as far as Arizona; all some of this and that to help him gather who is he and prepare for who he will become over this next year.

With water balloons and silly string wars we rounded out the celebration-nothing cheering on Sawyer would be complete without some crazy, energy-absorbing activity. Then we waited. Thursday was the day.

Sawyer could barely eat breakfast, he hurriedly, excitedly, timidly but not without certainty, dressed, loaded into our car, and chatted on the way to school. He let us know not to ask him about the day right after school (reminding me several times). He wanted to sing the Dwarves' song as we drove and was quite obviously a little nervous. Then he ran to the school once we parked. Children are amazing in adventure.

{His entire school claps while the kindergarteners walk into the building on the first day}

The first day done, I did NOT ask him about it (per the instructions) but this is what he told me:
I liked it.
Everyone seems pretty nice.
You know what mom, we have gym!
Gym was my favorite. And recess. I like recess. I chased a monster!
I didn't get to keep all the pencils.
We didn't learn anything.
--Finally I caved, "Do you want to go back?"
You bet it!


Honey Child

Let's begin where we last found ourselves....
In a pumpkin patch.


When autumn unfurls, I feel as though I could live out my life in a pumpkin patch, as long as there are apples and happy babies to sustain me (okay, the occasional doughnut or apple fritter along with a good sweater would also be appreciated).

But this autumn has unfurled alarming hurt, disasters, calamity and hate; I've struggled to find the patch of peace in it all.  At times, I feel that we should all just stay inside. Sometimes, I'm not sure this is a world I want my children to grow up in. Then, the other day, as I wrapped Louie in a blanket and rocked her back and forth, knowing that all she needed was a good nap she didn't think she needed, these lyrics illuminated the truths of this world I already know:

“’Cause this world was made for dreamin’,
This world was made for you,
This world made for believin’
In all the things you’re gonna do

Ah honey child.”

This is what I know. This world has hate, fear, hurt, anger, catastrophe, accidents, and sorrow. This world has injustice, unrest, and nonacceptance. Yet this is not the world, and we weren't made for these things. We were made for love, excitement, fulfillment, strength, intelligence, joy, beauty, and creativity. We were made to bring peace, build bridges, bind wounds; we were made for every good thing. This world was made for us- for our believing and our doing, and especially, for our continuing. We have a past, present, and most gloriously, a future.

In our present and in our future, we'll be believing and dreaming, and honey child, we'll be doing. 

There it is, my patch of peace. 

 {He's gonna love this picture, truuuuuuust me}

 {I love his determined, squinty-eyed, tongue twisting effort to get the biggest pumpkin}

Song by Melody Gardot, "Morning Sun." So worth a listen.


Pick a Pumpkin

{classic Lou, crazy happy in the oddest places}

{this is classic too, sneaky sassy, up to something} 

Can you see the joy? Did you notice the blurs of excitement?

We love pumpkins. White ones, pink ones, green ones, the usual orange ones, round ones, tall ones, flat ones, tiny ones and big ones, all except those ones with the witch wort bumps all over them. They give me the nilly willies-but that kind of makes them perfect for Halloween so we usually end up with one of those in our wagon anyway.  

The babes usually load up a little red wagon in record time, then they're off running and exploring until we can finally corner them into one place, pay for our squash loot, and ride off with them for carving and decorating.

 {"mama, HAPPY! Look."}

{he loves heavy machinery}


Klises Come to Town

Remember those "My Parents Went to the Caribbean and All I Got Was this T-shirt" shirts? That's what this picture makes me think of.

"The Klises Came to Visit Us for a Weekend and All I Got Was this One Picture."

 Though it wasn't well documented, the kids had a great time playing with their cousins and spending time with Papa and Grandma. We tried to show them some of our favorite fall hang outs and give them a tiny glimpse of where we now call home. It was fun to share a few days with them, and we're so grateful that they made the long trip to spend some time with us.


Apple Empire

I think that when the Evil Queen made Snow White a poison apple, she must have used an Empire apple.

Or maybe a Jonamac. But possibly a MacIntosh.

I would have used a Honeycrisp. Who can say no to a Honeycrisp?

Anyway, I know where to get all these apples and more for a life-stopping (no poison needed) $1.25/pound. Fall is here, and the world is an apple empire.